New 4000 LPI 12x9 Inches Graphic Drawing TABLETZoom

New 4000 LPI 12x9 Inches Graphic Drawing TABLET

New 4000 LPI 12x9 Inches Graphic Drawing TABLET
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320593942983 Unleash your inner artist! This precision tool of graphic artist, illustrators and draftsmen allows you to gain precise control of your cursor to draw more accurately and efficiently reducing the chance of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries). Great for whiteboard demonstrations, document annotation, free hand illustration and use in conjunction with a wide array of graphic arts, photo editiing and publishing software. Easy to install, easy to use and spectacular results.

Overall dimensions: 15 x 14.25 inches

Height when flat: 0.8 inches

Height with stand: 1.8 inches

Active Area: 12x9

Resolution (LPI): 4000

Report Rate (RPS) :200

Pressure Sensitivity : 1024

Cable length: 4.5 ft

Pen tablet software included: Annotation for Word - Modify word processor documents in freehand. PenCommander - Run any program or menu command from the tablet. PenSigner - Insert signatures or drawings into documents. PenMail - Compose and send handwritten e-mail messages. PenNotice - Capture screen shots, create annotation of pages in MS Office or Whiteboard.
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